Gluten Free Ginger Dressing

Gluten Free Ginger Dressing

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Gluten Free DressingThis is how we do it ... Ginger Dressing is uniquely delicious and has many uses. If you're looking for an Asian flavor influence, the Ginger is great as a salad dressing or even as a dipping sauce. Ginger makes anything taste great! 

We use it to finish our Chicken Osaka and Seafood Osaka dishes at the restaurant. Muck like the Teriyaki Grill Sauce, we cook our favorite chicken and seafood proteins first, then we introduce the Ginger into the hot pan, reduce, coat and finish the dish. Incredible edible flavors everyone will love. 

We've even had our customers tell us that they marinate their steaks prior to BBQ for a delightful flavor experience. Available in a regular version too. 

Tell us how you use the Ginger Dressing. Go to our Facebook page and post or leave a message on our website. Asian flavors meeting the west.