Mustard Seed Gluten Free Osaka Sauce

Gluten Free Osaka Sauce

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Gluten Free DressingThis is how we do it ... Osaka Sauce is a flavor explosion of Asian Lemon and Chinese Mustard. Incredible as a dipping sauce for almost anything you can imagine ... makes your meals come alive! 

People use it as a glaze when baking chicken, fish, ham or any protein. Pour it over your cooked rice or noodles ... perhaps an Asian wrap ... the possibilities are endless. We use it as a dipping sauce and serve it with our Chicken Osaka at the restaurant. Osaka Sauce will turn a bland ordinary food into an extraordinary flavor explosion. 

Available in a regular version too. Tell us how you use the Osaka Sauce. Go to our Facebook page and post or leave us a message on our website. Asian flavors meeting the west.